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Travel to Guilin in the summer with families


Though it is challenging to satisfy all 3 generations (grandparents, parents and children) in the summer, there are activities that can be considered when planning your trip to Guilin & surrounding areas.

1.Hotel room: one family room usually is less than two standard rooms. Plus parents can keep an eye on their young children. Many hotels offer standard room and one room fitting 2 parents and 2 children are not easy to find. So you need to check with your travel consultant to save $;

2.Swimming Pool: pool is an important factor for summer travel. Carefully choose one hotel with a swimming pool can save you hassle from a sticky sweating body and complaining child.

3.Cultural activities: some cultural activities, like fan painting and tea making, is good for both senior and junior, while some others, like Taiji, martial arts could be either for the senior or the junior;

4.Outdoor activities: outdoor activities like cycling are great for all ages. While others are good for juniors (rock climbing) or seniors (walking). Plan your hotel pick nearby such places will satisfy them all;

5.Educational activities: live and learn never ends. From the newly inscribed UNESCO heritage site of Huashan Rock Art to the gigantic rice terraces, there are areas to venture into and learn the history and local way of life.

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