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Hiking into the countryside of Yangshuo


Yangshuo is your right choice to do a hiking; there vast countryside await you to discover. It is a great way to fully enjoy idyllic rural scenes typical of Chinese villages. Below listed 3 popular hiking routes for your options. 

Hike from Shitou Village to Xingping ancient town The hiking route from Shitou Village to Xingping is about 16 kilometers and usually takes 4-5 hours; with a stopover at Xianggong Hill. Shitou Village is about 50-minute drive from Guilin city; within, all the houses are built up entirely from limestone without the use of cement. Then, head for Xianggong Hill; there climb up along the stone steps for about 20 minutes to the hilltop; there offers a great spot overlooking the Li River and karst scenery. There followed, go hiking about 2 hours to reach Xingping – an ancient town with impressive karst landscape of hills and water by the Li River.

Hiking along Yulong River Hike about 10 KM/ 6 miles (3 hours) along the attractive Yulong River - a major tributary of Li River; and through rural villages - in Yangshuo countryside; En route, have a stopover at the Moon Hill - a well-known karst hill with a natural arch in Yangshuo; it takes about 25 minutes to climb up to the hilltop and you will be rewarded with a good view of the surroundings.

Hiking along Old Trade Trail A 3-hour hiking route along old trade trail – up and down the slope, through fruit orchard, and desert villages - in Yangshuo countryside. Along the way, there allows some visits to local workshops. The scenery along the non-touristy dirty road is different from the paved path by the Yulong River.

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