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High-speed Bullet Train G1501 from Shanghai to Guilin

Get clear about the timetable & Schedule of High-speed Bullet Train G1501 from Shanghai to Guilin below. Also, travelers can take this train G1501 to Guilin from other major Chinese cities like Hangzhou, Nanchang and Changsha. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

Train G1501 set out from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station at 10:04, and arrive at Guilin Railway Station at 18:57, with a travel time of about 9 hours. The ticket price is 2054.5 yuan for a business-class seat, 1048.5 yuan for a first-class seat and 659.5 yuan for a second-class seat.

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01Shanghai Hongqiao上海虹桥------10:04------
02Jiaxing South嘉兴南10:3110:343 minutes
03Hangzhou East杭州东10:5911:034 minutes
04Zhuji诸暨11:2511:272 minutes
05Jinhua金华11:5111:532 minutes
06Jiangshan江山12:2112:232 minutes
07Shangrao上饶12:4312:452 minutes
08Nanchang West南昌西13:4513:483 minutes
09Xinyu North新余北14:2014:233 minutes
10Pingxiang North萍乡北14:5114:543 minutes
11Changsha South长沙南15:2515:294 minutes
12Hengyang East衡阳东16:0616:093 minutes
13Qidong祁东16:3816:402 minutes
14Qiyang祁阳16:5416:562 minutes
15Yongzhou永州17:1817:202 minutes
16Dongandong东安东17:3717:392 minutes
17Quanzhou South全州南18:0318:052 minutes
18Guilin桂林18:5719:036 minutes
19Yongfunan永福南19:2319:252 minutes
20Luzhai North鹿寨北19:4719:492 minutes
21Liuzhou柳州20:1720:203 minutes
22Nanning East南宁东21:3621:36------

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