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Pagoda Hill

Category: Guilin City

Pagoda Hill is located in the southern suburbs of Guilin on the western bank of The Li River. It is standing right opposite the Tunnel Hill. Both Pagoda Hill and Tunnel Hill belonged to one mountain range a million years ago. The movement of the earth's crust divided them into two hills. A hexagonal pagoda called Longevity Buddha Pagoda was built on the top of this hill in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The second floor of the pagoda has a statue of Longevity Buddha – Amidabha Buddha on display. In autumn, the hill is illuminated with red maples and is very charming. It is also known as Worship Hill because of its unique shape. Small as it is, the hill is attractive for its exquisite and oddly shaped rocks. Many tourists come here to appreciate the unique reflection of the Hill in the Li River and Xiaodong River - a branch of the Li River.

Pagoda Hill,Guilin