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JinKeng Rice Terraces

Category: Longsheng

JinKeng Rice Terraces, the home of some Yao minority people, is located in Longsheng and near the famous known Pingan Zhuang village – famous for Longji rice terraces there. 

JinKeng Rice Terraces occupies an area of 66 square kilometers and the Yao people started to build the rice terraces and the network irrigation system in late Yuan Dynasty (1271—1368), the whole construction lasted about 300 years and finished in early Qing Dynasty (1644—1911).

Today there are two Yao villages there. The one at the foot of the mountain is Dazai village. Their traditional houses are still built of wood. The layout of the village symmetrizes the rice terraces. Another village which is named TianTouzai is standing on the mountain. This village is the place where you will have a panoramic view of the whole area of Jinkeng Rice Terrace. But you need to climb 40 or 50 minutes up the mountain to get to TianTouzai village from Dazai village.

In Longsheng, both Pingan village of Longji and JinKeng are good places to view the rice terraces. It seems that Longji Rice Terraces is more famous than JinKeng Rice Terraces, but it doesn’t mean you get better view of the rice terraces at Longji. Longji Rice Terraces is opened earlier and the road to Longji used to be much better than the muddy and bumping road to JinKeng. This is why Longji Rice Terraces is more famous.

After the construction of the new tar road to JinKeng, today some tourists choose to go to JinKeng for the rice terraces and the Yao people there as JinKeng is still not that touristy and commercial.  Chicken, ducks, pigs, water buffalos might block the path in the village, and they smell pretty wild...

TianTouzai village is a good place to stay overnight. Early in the morning, you just open your window to enjoy the brilliant sunrise, watch the village waking up gradually from the peaceful harmony.

For those who don't mind or planning some trekking, it’s a good idea to trek between Pingan village of Longji and Jinkeng. You can start your trekking either at Pingan village of Longji or at JinKeng. This is a 4 hours walk through the rice paddies. This trekking route is recommended by us for those who are planning some trekking in non-touristy place and stay one night either at Pingan or JinKeng.