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Fuli Town

Category: Yangshuo

Fuli is a small and quiet town of 8 kilometers away from Yangshuo, with a mere 1,000-strong population. It has a history of 500 years. Travelers can get to experience the lovely "mountain-water" scenery by taking a boat ride or by bike.
Hand-made Paper Fan in Fuli Town,Yangshuo

Nearly a third of its population work with traditional Chinese arts and crafts, like making painted folding fans and framing calligraphy or paintings. Former US President Bill Clinton called their fans "natural air-conditioners" when he visited Yangshuo in 1998, bringing unexpected fame to the town and its handicrafts.

Walking around this old town will become a very memorable experience for you. Visit some of the best local artists and their shops or just sip some tea on the wharf at "Three-Sister's" Restaurant.

Admission fee:free of charge;
Opening hours:24 hours;
Location:8 kilometers to the east of Yangshuo town. ;
How to get there:Regular buses from Yangshuo Bus Station would take you to the town in just 40 minutes. And also, travelers can reach it by bike or boat.