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Green Lotus Peak

Category: Yangshuo

Just a short walk from West Street, overlooking the Lijiang River, stands the towering Bilian Feng or Green Lotus Peak. It is of typical karst formation and looks like a green lotus bud on the Li River from a distance, hence the name. That is why the peak can serve as the last attractions of the Guilin-Yangshuo Li River Cruise.

The best place to admire is the Yangshuo Bridge; Seen from there, the peak and its reflection in water are just like twin green lotuses. With an elevation of 977 feet (297.8 meters), the peak can be climbed with a steep track to the summit.

Yingjiang Pavilion is great for the amazing karst landform with river and town with eight windows. The most impressive point of this park is a red Chinese character "带" on the cliff which people can see from far away. It’s one character that composed of eight characters with full meaning to encourage new young generation try their best to contribute our country and maintain the beautiful nature.

Besides, if you climb up the summit of Bilian Peak in morning, you will have a chance to see the sunrise which would be a great experience during your memorable Yangshuo trip.