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Gudong Waterfall Scenic Area

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Just 26 kilometers away from Guilin city, Gudong Waterfall Scenic Area features its 13 layered cascades through the largest forest park in Guilin. Visitors can enjoy up close with waterfalls climbing, or from a distance hike along the river. 

Climb the Waterfall

This waterfall group has been described as "a touchalbe waterfall". With 13 layered cascades, it has a drop of 90 meters and a mean width of 20 meters. Instead of viewing waterfalls from a distance, visitors can climb up to some tiers of the waterfalls. For climbing, there are special grass shoes and safety helmets as well as a chain to hold on to. In hot Summer, this activity definitely provided a fun way to beat the heat.

Climb the waterfall at Gudong scenic area,Guilin China


There is also a ropeway that allows you to fly in the air, after you get to the top of the waterfalls. Seat on a suspended wire, then someone push you, you will slide across a 30 meter valley to another relative downside for about 300 meters.

The alrgest forest park in Guilin

The forest coverage rate of Gudong Waterfall Tourist Area reaches 96%. For Guili city, it is the largest and nearest forest park. This forest is thickly overgrown with maple trees whose leaves will turn red in late autumn. Standing on the hanging bridge, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the red valley. Thus, Gudong Waterfall Scenic Area is widely considered to be a best spot to see red maple leaves.