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Maoer Mountain

Category: Xing'an

Cat Mountain (Mao Er Shan) is the starting point for the Lijiang River and is often referred to as the highest mountain in south China. Now, it has been recognized ecological preservation zone.

Mount. Mao'er itself is a deep green sea of vegetation and ancient old-growth forests. It is said the summit which is often shrouded in mist is the home of Buddha, watching over those on the mountain.

A countryside dominated by impressive saw-tooth mountain ranges covered in sub-tropical vegetation, bamboo-clad mountainsides, towering peaks, verdant valleys with picture-post-card farms, terraced fields of rice and charming villages along the road creates a landscape to inspire any photographer or artist.

Location: in the junction of Xing'an County and Ziyuan County, 56 kilometers from Xing'an City, 81 kilometers from Guilin.

Opening times: Open all day (approx. 4 hours to complete visiting the mountain).