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Longsheng hot spring in Winter


Guilin is suitable for travel for every season, even in winter. For a winter trip in Guilin, to enjoy a hot spring spa is exactly a good idea; and the hot springs in Longsheng is highly recommended.

Longsheng hot spring

Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is situated in the multi-ethnic country of Longsheng, 130 km away from Guilin city. Covering an area of about 260 hectares, the park boasts dense primeval forests, rare animal and plant species as well as the famous hot springs.

The hot springs in the park win a reputation of "the first hot spring of southern China". The water spring up from rocks that are 1200 meters below ground with temperature fluctuating between 45℃ and 58℃. It is colorless, tasteless, pure and clear. Moreover, the hot springs are identified by experts as natural mineral water that can be used for both medical treatment and drinking.

Longsheng hot spring

Consisting of 16 springs, Longsheng Hot Spring can be divided into upper and lower hot spring groups. Spring pools are made of stone, retaining a very natural feeling. People can relax themselves in the hot springs while enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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