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Q:Would you like to give me some tips for shopping in Guilin?

Questions Category: Money

Please don't forget to ask for a receipt after buying something from a shop, especially the valuable things like jewelry, antique, Chinese medicine, etc.

Please note that the antique dated before the year of 1795 is prohibited to take out of the country. The antiques with a government wax seal are proved authentic and can be exported.

Bargaining is widely practiced in the daily life of Chinese people except at those big department stores and supermarkets. If you are first time in China, please keep in mind to struggle for a better price with your skills:

* Offer the at least half of the price to start the discussions;

* Be patient and smiling;

* Pretend not to be so interested in what you really like;

* Don't hesitate to walk away if the price is not acceptable, anyhow, you can come back always;

Note: Please be very careful when the deal is made, some dishonest shop keepers or vendors may not give you the same thing as you paid for.