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Travelers come to Yangshuo to get out of town and into the countryside. There are weeks of possible exploration, including hiking, cycling, rock climbing or any combination there. On a bright spring day, a hiking trip to Yangshuo countryside would be a exactly good idea.On April 20, My colleagues and I  made a great trek to Xingping ancient town in Yangshuo. After 1-hour drive from Guilin, we arrived at Putao ...


Every year, our company organizes a wide range of activities to enrich leisure life of employees, such as hiking, CS true man show, barbecue, and balloon volleyball. On March 9, a singing competition, entitled "the Voice of Easy Tour China" (易游好声音), has been held in a KTV bar. The competition consists of two phases: the preliminary and the finals. 18 people applied to enter the contest, and a total of six ...


As Chinese New Year approaches, it is coming around to the time when our company holds a year-end party. So exciting, we were all looking forward to the annual meeting party. It not only serves as a perfect platform for the management to communicate with staff, but also offers us an opportunity to showcase talent. On January 18th, we started our two-day impressive group outing at Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel in Xi ...


What is Nong Jia Le (农家乐)? The Nong Jia Le, literally "have fun in farmers' home", is a new tourism model in Southern China. It is often run by a farmers' family, providing home-cooked meals and even comfortable accommodation. And, most importantly, it thus offers a relaxing escape from bustling city life. On December 8, our company organized a one-day winter outing for Maozhou island near Daxu ancient town, to ...


It is said of Longji, "Where there is soil, there is a terrace." The terraced rice paddy field along the slope winds from the riverside up to the mountaintop. Set amongst the villages of the minorities Zhuang and Yao, the area offers great hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. In July, our team has had a wonderful outdoor activity. We would have a four- to five-hour trek through the minority villages, and t ...

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