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Guilin Travel Blog is a licensed travel specialist based in Guilin, China. We are dedicated to offering best-valued tour services in and around Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and other neighboring areas. This travel blog is designed to help all the visitors to know the first-hand knowledge and travel information of this amazing place and our company team.


January often mark the end of one year to Chinese people, before Chinese New Year. Always, it is a tradition for our company to hold a year-end party. On January 13, we gathered for this annual event at Zhaoxing, a pretty Dong minority town in southeast Guizhou.Zhaoxing was a remote destination in my mind. Now from Guilin, bullet trains will take you to Congjiang Station first - in just an hour - along Guiyang-Guan ...


New bullet trains will take you directly  from Kunming to Guilin, with the launch of Shanghai-Kunming and Nanning-Kunming high-speed Railways on December 28, 2016. It is expected that there will be 6 pair of trains every day running between Kunming and Guilin, according to the new railway operation diagram to be adopted on January 5 of 2017 year. Three of the six pairs of bullet train will reach Guilin via Kun ...


A new pair of high-speed bullet trains G1546/G1548, connecting the world-renown historical city of Xian with Guilin - a popular tourist destination with attractive natural scenery in South China, came into service from September 10, 2016. Train G1546 is set to depart from Guilin Railway Station at 10:03, and arrive at Guilin Railway Station at 20:04. The travel time between the two cities has been shortened from ab ...


The largest rock art in Southern China, Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art is finally inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list in June 2016. Spanning from 5th Century BC to 3rd Century AD, the rock art was created by the Luoyue tribes, the ancestors of Zhuang people in the subtropical area of Guangxi, China, bordering Vietnam. The core murals were painted on sheer mountain cliffs extending 70m wide and 40m high. Scientific stu ...


Possibly the famous Jiaozi needs no introduction; and how about Egg Wrapped Dumplings? It is a popular traditional stuffed food in Yangshuo. Instead of being wrapped in doug, the fillings are wrapped in fried egg. These egg-wrapped dumplings are like mini omelets with some stuffing. If you travel to Yangshuo, they can be served as a delicious local treat. Also there are chances to try your hand at this dish in a co ...


Where to have a night out for entertainment, when you have overnight stays in Guilin city? Below listed some suggestions for your reference. Four Lakes Night Cruise, GuilinThe Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake are connected together in downtown area of Guilin, which thus make the round-the city water system known as "Two Rivers and Four Lakes". There are cruise boats runnin ...


Pork Stuffed with Pomelo Peel has long been a traditional specialty of Yangshuo, thanks to the locally produced pomelos or shaddock (sha tian you沙田柚in Chinese). There are a large number of pomelo orchards around Yangshuo. When they are ripe around early October, pomelos have the size of a small football - yellow or greenish of color. This large fruit has a very thick skin, and inside the flesh is covered with a ...

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