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Guilin Travel Guide


Zhangjiajie and Guilin are both listed into China's top 10 most beautiful natural places. A lot of travelers would consider the differences between Zhangjiajie and Guilin, and try to figure out which is the better to visit. Actually, each one has its own feature; why not to cover them both? We are here to offer the well-arranged Guilin Zhangjiajie Tours for you. And aslo, the tour program is flexible and can b ...


Along the newly-opened Guiyang-Guangzhou high speed railway on December 26, 2014, more bullet trains can take travelers to the scenic city of Guilin in southern China. This 723-km express line - linking Guizhou, Guangxi and Guangzhou - is China's first high-speed railway running through the country's southwest karst regions. There are 21 stations in seven cities: Guiyang, Duyun, Guilin, Hezhou, Zhaoqing, foshan, an ...


Lunar New Year falls on Feburary 19, 2015 and the week-long holiday starts officially on Feb. 18, according to the 2015 Chinese public holiday schedule announced by China's General Office of the State Council on December 16, 2014. In China, there are just 11 day days for seven national public holidays out of the year. Except for calendar New Year, May Day and National Day, the dates of the lunar festivals are likel ...


Trains are the primary mode of transportation in China - cheap, safe and comfortable. Passenger travelers can reach to any destination by train in China. What's more, traveling by train provides a chance to watch the landscape and get to know fellow travelers. Plan to start a train journey?Firstly, get to know what Chinese trains actually is like. Take these trains between Beijing and Guilin - G529/530, G421/422, K ...


Club Med has launched its latest all-inclusive resort in Guilin, China. The resort sits inside a 46-hectare Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park in the rural area between Guilin and Yangshuo. What makes it stand out is the setting, completely different the beachy or ski Club Meds. The resort boasts two contemporary style hotels–The Chateau and The Courtyard - with 329 Elegantly appointed luxurious rooms. There are a ...


When it comes to Guilin, the first thing that have in mind is the city's stunningly karst landscape. Rarely do people think about its history. Actually, Guilin history can be traced back to at least 10,000 years ago. Then, how human life is like? We can get the answer at the prehostoric site of Guilin Zengpiyan Cave. Introduction of Zengpiyan CaveThe Zengpiyan Cave, located in the southwest of Guilin city, is ...


As a Chinese saying goes, Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven. In China, mention that you have traveled to Guilin, most Chinese people would be jealous of you; For them, the scenic city of Guilin has always listed to the top of their travel plans. Certainly, Guilin is the third most popular tourist destination in China, just after Beijing and Xian. Then, how well do you know about Guilin?As is known to ...

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