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Guilin City Hotels

Where to stay in Guilin – Guilin hotels

Guilin was open to the outside world in 1973. After 30 years of development, Guilin sees 10+ 5 star or deluxe boutique hotels, 40+ 4 star hotels, and many more 3 star hotels and other low budget hostels at the every corner of the town. All these accommodations can cater to the needs of the tourists coming from home or abroad.

While in China, the star rating system is sometimes confusing to the foreign tourists as they feel some of the licensed 4 or 5 star hotels don’t meet the international standards. This might be affected by the different opinions of how Chinese and Westerners look at the hotels. Chinese tourists focus more on the hotel room itself and hotel facilities like a spacious lobby and restaurant; Westerners care more for the services and hotel management. Other elements may also include that Chinese people like to sleep on a hard bed, but Westerns prefer a soft mattress. Failure to offer it always caused lots of complaints from international tourists.

If the travelers care about the hotel location, then Guilin Holiday travel specialists recommend Sheraton Hotel (5*), Lijiang Waterfall Hotel (5*), Bravo Hotel (4*), Jing Guan Ming Lou Holiday Hotel (3*),Eva Inn (3*) and Universal Hotel (3*). These hotels offer great river / lake views and the best location to wander around the city downtown.

For those who like to choose an international chain hotel in Guilin city, then there are Shangri-la Hotel Guilin, Sheraton Hotel, Med Club (located out of town). Other frequently-used hotels for international tourists with good services include Royal Garden Hotel (5*), Bravo Hotel (4*), Park Hotel (4*), Universal Hotel (3*) and Osmanthus Hotel (3*).

If you fancy a unique experience in Guilin, then Med Club Guilin (located at a sulpture park), the White House Hotel (with a collection of antiques and heritages), Guilinyi Royal Palace (located in a botanic garden with a traditional Chinese architectural style) are the featured boutique hotels in this city.

Alternatively, if you don’t need to stay at city downtown, then you can select those value-for-money accommodations at the east bank of Li River like Royal Garden Hotel(5*), Grand Link Hotel (4*), Guilin Plaza (4*), and International Hotel (3*).

On the whole, different travelers will have different expectations and ideas of looking at their accommodations while traveling. Being a professional tour operator based in Guilin, Guilin Holiday staff will try to understand what the clients need and expect, and recommend the possible best options for them during their stay in Guilin.